InCoWriMo is coming!

Written in J.Herbin Emerald of Chivor with a dip pen on Tomoe River

InCoWriMo, or International Correspondence Writing Month, is happening during the whole of February, the idea is to write something to someone each day – it can be anything from a note or postcard to a letter, and to as many different people as you want or maybe even the same person (28 love letters to that special person during the month of love sounds fun!), to either people you know or strangers.  The only rules are to handwrite it, do it each day, and either hand deliver or mail it out.

I heard of InCoWriMo last year, but I was just getting into the habit of Bullet Journaling, and wasn’t sure I was organised enough to carry it off – Bullet Journaling really has had an impact on my organisation as this year I am going to rock InCoWriMo!

I highly recommend checking out the official website, and my friend Nikki’s post about it on her blog with some handy links.  She has mentioned that she will be posting some more helpful ideas for it on her blog, so check back on Notes Of Life for more InCoWriMo goodness!

The Supply gathering begins!


I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve gathered some supplies together and put them into a little box so that I can grab it each day for convenience, I shall be posting regular photos on my Instagram account @bedlamplanned if you’d like to see what I produce for the month. It’s going to give me an excuse to crack out some inks I rarely use and use some of the stationery I have hanging around – plus hopefully bring smiles to 28 recipients.

Let the snail mail begin!

Lisa 😀


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